A Safe Space to Reflect

Counselling Adults, Young People and Children

Elizabeth is dedicated to supporting people with anxiety, depression, stress and mental health issues, for your emotional wellbeing.

At Dragonfly Counselling & Psychotherapy I offer a Safe, Confidential, Non-Judgmental Environment. I am here to walk along side you to support you through any emotions you may be feeling, no matter how big or small.

Why Counselling?

You may be wondering if counselling can help you with a difficulty you are facing right now . You might find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour, or a past experience has had an impact on your life and the time has come to make sense of them. Maybe you would like to take some time to get to know yourself. There are many different reasons which bring us to counselling and sometimes we aren’t sure what they are. Dragonfly Counselling & Psychotherapy offers a confidential, supportive, and safe space to reflect.

Speaking to someone who doesn’t know you directly can often be helpful.

I am here to offer a kind, empathetic, confidential space with a therapeutic approach. You are the master of your life and know yourself best. Together we will discuss your issues and use different techniques to help you feel better. With this, you can become more empowered to regain some strength and clarity in an often stressful and challenging modern world.

Would you like to gain…

  • An increase in your self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Insight in who you are and what makes you feel fulfilled
  • See your thoughts/feelings from a different perspective
  • Setting time aside for yourself
  • To feel truly heard and understood
  • To share the burden of your emotions, feel held and safe while in a confidential environment
  • A greater degree of self-awareness
  • Self-acceptance & love for yourself
  • Relief with your symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression or panic attacks
  • Better eating, sleeping, wellbeing & self-care

If you’re thinking about counselling, I offer a free 20 minute consultation, so you have a chance to get to know me and to decide if counselling is for you.  This chat will be casual, relaxed and friendly.​ You can tell me a bit about the feelings or issues you want to address and I will explain my approach. If you decide it’s a good match and that you want take it further we can set up an appointment to meet in person or online- the choice is yours!  get in touch to arrange your free consultation.

You do not have to go through this alone, get in touch today.

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