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I really value feedback from my clients and would be grateful if you could fill in the form below and let me know how you have found working with me.

I will ensure to anonymise any personal information, if you are happy for me to share your experience. Thank you.

Elizabeth is a great counsellor who has really helped me with all that I’ve asked. She is a great individual and I would highly recommend her! .(F March, 2021)

Thank you so much we are so grateful for your help. Our daughter 8 now has a good outlook on life and is happier and seems to see her value. Honestly Elizabeth is an emotional magician. I can’t rate her highly enough .(F & Young Person February, 2021)

I felt absolutely understood when I needed the most and that I had someone listening to me. She is a good one, pushing me to do so much needed self care.(F September, 2021)

Thanks so much for everything Liz. For years I debated on counselling and always decided against it, when I was at a very low point I went to Elizabeth, she helped me understand a lot and overcome things that had been holding me back for over a decade. God forbid if I had to go to counselling again my first call would be to Elizabeth, very warming and understanding 5*** (M September, 2020)

Since (child) counselling he’s been doing really well, I actually think the space has given him time and independence to implement the tools you had given him. I really just wanted to thank you for opening up the lines of communication in our family. It wasn’t just (child) and I that have benefited from your help, it’s all of us. (child) had already turned a massive corner and is a lot more content, he isn’t demonstrating anywhere near the out of control behaviour. However I’m hopeful now this will unburden him and give him the closure he needs to grow in confidence again. (Young Person, Sep 2020)

I felt absolutely understood when I needed the most and that I had Elizabeth truly listening to me. She is a good one, pushing me to do so much needed self care and helped me to really understand who I am and what my needs are to help make me happy. (F September 2020)

I have found my counselling sessions with Elizabeth very helpful. She is very friendly and easy to talk too. She not only listens but will suggest ways to help you cope with your grief. She genuinely seems to care. I would totally recommend Elizabeth at Dragonfly Counselling to my family and friends. (F April 2020)

I phoned Elizabeth as a last resort to help with my daughter anxiety, it was lovely to feel we were a team and she spent the time getting to know all of us and I even booked in a few sessions for myself. Our family has grown so much over the last 9 months and we couldn’t be in a better place. Thank you so much I know my daughter is missing her sessions already. (July 2020 F 9 years old)

I don’t think I would be here today, if Liz wasn’t there. She was really there for me and made it all seem okay. I will miss our sessions but loofward to bumping into as we have many times. Thank you Liz. (M March 2019)

Elizabeth was incredibly helpful in getting me through some very hard decisions and feelings towards university (trauma) and my life direction, and truly let me speak about how I honestly felt throughout all the discussions we had and gave me a lot of coping techniques, mindfulness and methods to handle panicky moments. Thank you! (F December 2019)

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